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W9QJE  Harold Gilstrap's 1939 Shack (inside)       2007 (outside) after relocation  pg 2 @         K5MSG  2008 "Shack"

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1920's  670 AM WQJ  was a station owned by Calumet's William Wright (cousin to Wilbur and Orville) and was located at the Rainbo Room in Chicago (it later merged with WMAQ also on 670 AM    Hear the last moments of broadcasting when WMAQ went off the air on Augiust 1, 2000

An image from Gurney Seed Company's 1929 Station Book commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the company

The following is the Title Page from a 1948 textbook written by Ben Graf Henneke the founder of the nation's first Radio - TV Journalism School (at the University of Tulsa).

As a Freshman at TU (pictured to right in 1931), he wrote the TU Fight Song - still used today. 

While an undergraduate he founded Radio Station KWGS (call letters are the initials of oil tycoon and benefactor William G Skelly)

He joined the faculty as Assistant Professor of Speech in 1936 after receiving his doctorate from the University of Illinois. 

He served as TU's President from 1958 - 1967,  and in 1969 I took Greek and Roman Humanities from him (my favorite Professor - who taught me that the clarity of Greek thought comes in part from the clarity of the sun at these latitudes - Athens and Tulsa having the same Latitude)

Here is part of what he had to say on his 90th Birthday in 2004 (after 73 tears with the University of Tulsa)

"Ninety is just an accumulation of days unless there is reason to make a mark on the calendar. My days, as you all know, have been marked on the University Calendar. They have been only seventy-three years...  I can call most of you by name; I can – in some instances – recount what you did. Will you forgive me if I don’t?  (but he always did, AND he probably remembers what I did!)  

On this occasion I would rather talk of the purpose that binds us together, the purpose that brings us to this day and other days like it. Sometime after I became a freshman, in an English Course, called Introduction to Drama, a course taught by Franklin Eikenberry, I met Sophocles' play, Antigone, with its chorus of elders.  For the first time I hear them sing, “Wonders are there many, but none more wonderful than man.”

Sophocles names some of the wonders: “Speech and wind-swift thought and all the moods that mould a state, has he taught himself. Without resource he meets everything that comes; from baffling maladies he has devised escapes, only against death shall he call for aid in vain. Cunning beyond fancy’s dream is the fertile skill which brings Man now to evil, not to good.”

One day you go to class and your life never again is the same. The man at the front of the class in a three piece brown suit might have been gowned in an Oxford grey robe with an ermine- edged hood of blue; Red brick Kendall Hall might have been the marble theater at Epidaurus; the drought stricken soil of Oklahoma might have been the isles of Greece.

I knew then I wanted knowledge. Not just an education, but something – still amorphous and undefined – something, somewhere, where thoughts and language like that were commonplaces; somewhere where they knew all kinds of other things and were willing to share. “Wonders are there many, but none more wonderful than man.” I learned that the psalmist responds contrapuntally.

The days of our years are threescore years and ten: and if we be in strength, mayhap fourscore years; and what is more than these is toil and travail (Psalm 90:10 from the Psalter of the Seventy)  so soon passeth it away, and we are gone. So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (KJV Psalm 90) 

I’ve numbered the days in 73 years. I know I’ve spent them here. I know I’ve walked this campus to so many familiar places that my feet should leave marks like those ruts still visible, left by the wagon trains at the crossings of the Snake and Platte rivers on the Western migration. 

Amateur Radio on Holy Mount Athos


QSL image from   Photo from


The following is a partial scan from perhaps the best find I've made on eBay. 

This framed poster hung on the seller's father's shack wall since 1939

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